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Member Spotlight: Mary Ellen Kleiman

Why did you join the WBA? After many years of in-house practice, I decided to join the WBA because I wanted to become more connected to my female legal peers in DC, for the comradery and community I felt was lacking in my professional life.  The diversity and dynamism of the WBA membership, across practice areas, age, and race, along with its impressive history and robust programing, all drew me to the WBA. What benefits has membership brought you? I [...]

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Member Spotlight: Renée-Lauren Ellis

When do you join the WBA? I joined the WBA in 2011 or 2012, shortly after beginning my first post-law school job. I'd shared with someone my uncertainty about my career; no longer did I have the linear, predictable path of schooling. The person (another Black woman lawyer) suggested checking out local voluntary bar organizations and among them was the WBA; she specifically recommended the Holiday Tea. I was too late to get a ticket to the Tea -- don't [...]

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Member Spotlight: Sadina Montani

What inspired you to join during law school? I joined the WBA after attending Stars of the Bar as a 3L. I was invited to attend by former WBA and WBAF Board member Amy Bess, who was a partner at the firm at which I was a summer associate. Everyone I met at the event was so welcoming and encouraging – I knew I had to be part of the organization! What did you get out of it then? I [...]

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