Mussey-Gillett Founders Sponsorship

Ellen Spencer Mussey
Ellen Spencer Mussey Emma Gillett


Named after our founders, Ellen Spencer Mussey and Emma M. Gillett, this new sponsorship level provides dedicated individual members the opportunity to support the success and financial sustainability of the WBA. For those individuals who already give so much to the WBA, the Founders Sponsorship provides a targeted giving opportunity, and a mechanism for the WBA to recognize its high contributing individuals.


    • Website recognition
    • Sustaining Membership,* one year
    • Podium recognition at Showcase events
    • Recognition on program materials for all Showcase events

*If you have already paid for a Sustaining Membership, you can credit the unused portion to your sponsorship. Contact to determine the amount owed.

Installment payments available. Contact to set up a payment plan.

Click here to become a Mussey-Gillett Founders sponsor.

Thank You to Our Mussey-Gillett Founders Sponsors (as of March 31, 2024)

Sadina Montani
Bridget Bailey Lipscomb
Hon. Diane M. Brenneman, Ret.
Susan Kovarovics
Ellen Jakovic
Candace Beck
Paulette Chapman
Michelle Webster