April R. Randall is a Senior Legislative Advisor for the DC Government. A current member of the WBA Board of Directors, and co-chair of the Programs and Governance Committee, she is 2003 graduate of Wellesley College (BA in Economics with a minor in Psychology) and a 2006 graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law. April tells us: “My husband, David Moore, and I graduated from UB Law together, but we did not date in law school. LOL!”

After completing her judicial clerkship for the Honorable Sherrie L. Krauser, Circuit Court of Prince George’s County, April joined the Sexual Assault Legal Institute. In 2008, she joined DC Government and the rest is history . . . and still being written.

April is a member of the DC Bar, the Maryland State Bar Association, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., The Society, Incorporated, Supporting the Arts, the Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc., and the Washington Wellesley Club Board of Directors.

When did you join the WBA?

What committees/forums have you been involved in?
Co-chair, Government Attorneys Forum (2019-2020); Co-chair Government Attorneys Forum and Diversity Committee (2020-2021)

Why did you join the Women’s Bar Association?
I joined the Women’s Bar Association for the camaraderie, mentorship, and leadership opportunities. Throughout my legal career, I have found it challenging to meet attorneys who were interested in being mentors and helping to shape the careers paths of junior attorneys. Then I found the WBA. This is an organization that prides itself of mentoring women attorneys and providing them with leadership opportunities that they otherwise might not have thought possible. I found this to be true from the first WBA program I attended where I met Anne Collier. I instantly knew this was the organization for me!

What benefits do you get from being a part of the WBA and why do you think others should join?
I am my own worst critic; so, much I do talk myself out of taking certain opportunities. The WBA has provided me with a supportive environment to challenge myself and take on leadership opportunities that I otherwise would not. The mentorship and support is unparalleled. I have sought guidance from many WBA members and have paid it forward to mentoring and advising other attorneys.

If an attorney is looking to form authentic professional and personal relationships, mentorship, leadership opportunities, and professional training, the WBA is where it is at!

How has being a parent enhanced your career?
As a working mother, being able to balance competing priorities is essential. I have to be organized and calendar everything. However, those are skills that all attorneys must have. Being a parent makes it even more imperative because not only must you juggle your work obligations, but you also have family obligations as well. Trust me, if I miss one of my son’s events, I will hear about it.

Do you have a mentor/hero?
I have several mentors all of whom have an impact on my professional and personal life. These individuals are wonderful sounding boards. They provide me with honest and sincere advice. They push when I need to be pushed and provide me with the hard-honest truth. I am immensely grateful to them.

What words of advice do you have for women new to the profession?
I would advise women new to the profession to not be afraid to take a detour and/or career path that you did not initially envision for yourself. I thought I would be litigator, and I was for a time. However, that was not where my heart was. I pivoted to administrative and regulatory law. That was the best decision for me. I was hesitant to do so, but I had to get out of my own way.

What is the best advice you have received?
“Do not bite your nose to spite your face.” In other words, do not forgo putting yourself out there for fear that it would not pan out. You never know unless you try.