WBA Committees and Forums

Interested in becoming a co-chair? Please fill out this form and if you have any questions please email admin@wbadc.org.

20 Years of Expertise Committee

Co-Chairs: Nancy Kuhn, Lorna MacLeod, Elizabeth Varner
Email: 20plus@wbadc.org

Amicus Committee

Co-Chairs: Upnit Bhatti, E. Brantley Webb
Email: amicus@wbadc.org

Career Development and Mentoring Committee

Co-Chairs: Serine Consolino, Miranda Hallett, Janine Herring, Bridget Richardson, Stephanie Schlatter, Michelle Spatz
Email: careermentoring@wbadc.org

Community Projects Committee

Co-Chairs: Jessica Almond, Rosemarie Longo
Email: communityprojects@wbadc.org

Diversity Committee

Co-Chairs: Ann Marie Duffy, April Renee Randall,  Aaron Szot, Rebeka Bautista, Lesa Lawrence, Upnit Bhatti, Kate Neville, Avani Patel
Email: diversity@wbadc.org

Executive and Judicial Endorsements Committee

Co-Chairs: Janine Herring, Mia Olsen, Stephanie Schlatter, Caroline Ostro
Email: endorsements@wbadc.org

History and Archiving Committee

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Mammen
Email: historyarchiving@wbadc.org

Membership Committee

Co-Chairs: Jessica Almond, Rosemarie Longo, Jen Mika, Mary Blatch, Lauren Drake
Email: membershipcomm@wbadc.org

Raising the Bar Editorial Board

Co-Chairs: Tiffany Wynn, Lisa Neuder
Email: rtb@wbadc.org

Social Media Committee

Co-Chairs: Gaffar Chowdhury, Sameena Kluck, Lindsey Collins
Email: socialmedia@wbadc.org

WBA Salons

Email: salons@wbadc.org

Women and Finance Committee

Co-Chairs: Charlotte Kuenen, Anna Ratner
Email: womenfinance@wbadc.org

Women in Public Service/Politics Committee

Co-Chairs: Bayliss Fiddiman, Nancy Kuhn, Daria Neal
Email: womeninpolitics@wbadc.org

Working Parents/Lawyers at Home Committee

Co-Chairs: Pamela Keller, Candace Berardi
Email: workingparentslah@wbadc.org

Young Lawyers Committee

Co-Chairs: Emily Lagan, Ashley Bouchez, Chiara Resta
Email: younglawyers@wbadc.org

Communications & Technology Law Forum

Co-Chairs: Jessica Almond
Email: communicationslaw@wbadc.org

Employment Law Forum

Co-Chairs: Kelle Boulais Kruse, Aleksandra Rybicki
Email: employmentlaw@wbadc.org

Energy and Environmental Law Forum

Co-Chairs: Marcia Stanford, Laura Yaffe
Email: energyenvironmentlaw@wbadc.org

Government Attorneys Forum

Co-Chairs: Michelle Spatz, Linda Goldwyn, April Renee Randall
Email: governmentattorneys@wbadc.org

Immigration Law Forum

Co-Chairs: Leticia Corona, Pauline Schwartz
Email: immigrationlaw@wbadc.org

In-House Counsel Forum

Co-Chairs: Lisa Brown, Meg Inomata
Email: inhouse@wbadc.org

Litigation Forum

Co-Chairs: Ann Marie Duffy, Ana Jara, Chris Macchiaroli
Email: litigation@wbadc.org

Non-Profit Organizations Practice Forum

Co-Chairs: Taylor Harrison, Betsy Harned, Anais Taboas, Catherine Hedgeman
Email: nonprofitorgs@wbadc.org

Solo and Small Practice Forum

Co-Chairs: Amelia Schmidt, Sarah Fink, Pratibha Agarwal, Amy Norris
Email: solosmall@wbadc.org

Women of Color Taskforce

Co-Chairs: Yolanda Hawkins-Bautista
Email: womenofcolor@wbadc.org