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Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee, established in June 2021, was created to consider how the WBA could more consistently and effectively advocate on behalf of its members within the tenets established in the WBA mission statement.  The overall goals of the Advocacy Committee are to ensure effective synergy of advocacy channels and recommend programming to promote progress for women.

Co-Chairs: Kandis Gibson
Email: advocacy at wbadc.org


The Amicus Subcommittee supports the law that promotes issues important to women.

Co-Chairs: Megan Skelton, Adaoma Okafor, Larissa Davis

Email: amicus@wbadc.org

Co-Chairs: Linda Goldwyn, Rachel Hardwick
Email: legislative @ wbadc.org

Co-Chairs: Kiara Anthony, Rebecca Simon
Email: outreach@wbadc.org

Co-Chairs: Upnit Bhati, Erica McJimpsey, Bridgette Stumpf
Email: strategic@wbadc.org

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee promotes greater inclusion of ethnically, religiously, LGBTQIA, and culturally diverse women attorneys at all levels of the legal profession by offering programs to address issues related to real and perceived barriers to advancement, and the unique challenges that diverse women attorneys face daily. We will accomplish this through heightening awareness and promotion of the intrinsic value that women from diverse backgrounds offer.

Co-Chairs: Kandis Gibson
Email: diversity at wbadc.org


Co-Chairs: Lori Parris, Erica McJimpsey, Aisha Smith

Email: womenofcolor @ wbadc.org

Endorsements Committee

The Endorsements Committee makes recommendations for endorsements to the WBA Board following a complete investigation of candidates seeking endorsement by the WBA. The WBA’s principal goal in endorsing qualified candidates for executive positions in the District of Columbia and federal governments and in bar associations is to increase the number of qualified women in those positions. Click here to learn more.

Co-Chairs: Rachel Hardwick, Grishma Pradhan
Email: endorsements@wbadc.org

Engagement Committee

The Engagement Committee is responsible for developing and implementing recruitment and retention campaigns, and to ensure WBA members have avenues for engagement with the association.

Board Chair: Ana Jara
Board Members:
 Emily Lagan, Michelle Webster, Sasha Hodge-Wren
Co-Chairs: Emmanuela St. Jean, Rachel Lawrence
Email: engagement@wbadc.org


Co-Chairs: Gaffar Chowdhury, Candice Beck, Samantha Sloane
Email: wellbeing@wbadc.org

The Young Lawyers Subcommittee is committed to fostering connections amongst the WBA’s junior members. The Subcommittee’s networking events and informative programs are aimed at providing an environment for young women lawyers to form relationships and gain skills that are particularly useful in the early years of their legal careers.

Co-Chairs: Zuka Chuka-Obah, Jacquelyn Sherman, Emily Gorrivan
Email: younglawyers@wbadc.org

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee focuses on networking, career enhancement, career alternatives, and job search techniques. The Committee focuses on providing career-enhancing opportunities and information.

Co-Chairs: Dina Broydo, Tamara Kraljic, Emmanuela St. Jean, Elisabeth Doyle
Email: professionaldevelopment@wbadc.org


The Government Attorneys Subcommittee is intended to promote the discussion of issues that are of interest to female attorneys who work for Federal, state, and local governments, including employees of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. The forum offers government attorneys opportunities to discuss pertinent issues, professional development, educational programs about government employment and benefits, and informational sessions for attorneys interested in government employment.

Co-Chairs: Patricia Davison, Shalini Shah, Meredith Morgan
Email: governmentattorneys@wbadc.org

The In-House Counsel Subcommittee is responsible for planning programs to help advance in-house practitioners in their professional roles and provide informational programs on corporate matters. This Committee provides WBA members working in in-house roles an opportunity to share best practices, participate in substantive presentations, and create and expand a social and professional network. The Subcommittee also provides venues to help answer questions that other WBA members interested in transitioning to the in-house role might have.

Co-Chair: Elizabeth Roman Jones, Lizet Steele
Email: inhouse@wbadc.org

The Non-Profit Organization Practice Subcommittee promotes the discussion of issues that are of interest to attorneys who represent non-profit organizations and attorneys who serve as in-house counsel for the organizations. The mission of the sub-committee is to address the often unique legal needs of the many non-profits in the DC area-which range from large educational institutions, to business trade groups, to charitable foundations. The sub-committee offers substantive programs on the legal issues affecting non-profits and also offers networking opportunities for lawyers who work for or represent clients in the non-profit sector.

Co-Chairs: Linda Goldwyn, Bridgette Stumpf, Kate Hubbard
Email: nonprofitorgs@wbadc.org

The Solo and Small Practice Subcommittee offers its members an opportunity to network with others who have similar professional interests. Activities include a Referral/Resource List, programs on how to get started in a solo practice, how to move a new practice from your home to an office, how to develop your client base, how to organize an office, how to hire an assistant, and much more.

Co-Chairs: Megan Skelton, Paige Gold, Amy Norris
Email: solosmall@wbadc.org

The Women in Public Service/Politics Subcommittee encourages and educates women regarding the opportunities that are available in the public arena.  The Subcommittee’s prior programs have included panel discussions about leadership and career development, the Presidential appointment process, and how to survive the highs and lows of running for political office.

Co-Chairs: Adaoma Okafor, Victoria Clark Hunter
Email: womeninpolitics at wbadc.org


Co-Chairs: Ashley Zhou, Monica Zhong
Email: antitrust@wbadc.org

Co-Chairs: Kellee Kruse
Email: employmentlaw@wbadc.org

The Energy, Environment & Science Law Forum plans programs to advance the professional development of practitioners in the substantive areas of environmental law and to educate them on environmental litigation, regulatory counseling, and enforcement. The Forum also provides informational programs on energy laws, regulations, and policies. This committee provides WBA members working in these areas an opportunity to share topical information, participate in substantive presentations, and create and expand a social and professional network.

Co-Chairs: Christina Bonanni, Kathryn Caballero, Laura Yaffe
Email: energyenvironmentlaw@wbadc.org

The International Law Forum plans programs to advance the professional development of practitioners in the substantive areas of both public and private international law, as well as to educate them on alternative methods of international dispute resolution and international rule and policy making. The Forum also provides opportunities to foster international collaboration and mentorship. This committee provides WBA members working in these areas an opportunity to share topical information, participate in substantive presentations, and create and expand a social and professional network.

Co-Chairs: Nudrat Piracha, Jinling Wang, Joyce Williams
Email: internationallaw@ wbadc.org

The Law & Technology Forum plans programs to advance the professional development of practitioners in the areas of data and legal technology.  This Forum promotes discussion and learning relating to changes in technology that will impact the future of law. The mission of the Forum is to educate our members about developments in legal technology while strengthening the connections of our members.

Co-Chairs: Kate Hubbard, Lesa Lawrence
Email: lawtechnology@wbadc.org

The Litigation Forum offers programs designed to develop the skills of both novice and experienced litigators and to provide opportunities to socialize with members of the judiciary and other attorneys. Programs address topics such as effective discovery techniques, trial preparation, and practice, the use of jury consultants, computer technology for litigation, and issues facing women litigators.

Co-Chairs: Serafina Concannon, Robin Nunn
Email: litigation@wbadc.org