What inspired you to join during law school?
I joined the WBA after attending Stars of the Bar as a 3L. I was invited to attend by former WBA and WBAF Board member Amy Bess, who was a partner at the firm at which I was a summer associate. Everyone I met at the event was so welcoming and encouraging – I knew I had to be part of the organization!

What did you get out of it then?
I attended only a few events as a law student, but it gave me the opportunity to stay connected with the lawyers I had met as a summer associate – including Amy Bess, who has been my most important and supportive mentor over the years! And because I don’t come from a family of lawyers, it helped me begin to feel comfortable and confident around lawyers who otherwise would have *really* intimidated me.

And what benefits have you received over the years?
(It’s impossible to quantify.) I’ve gained mentors across industries and practice areas. I’ve witnessed amazing leaders navigate challenging situations. I’ve learned from amazing women how to run an organization. And as a junior partner, I’ve had the opportunity to lead a century-old organization, managing a Board of Directors as well as a group of more than 50 co-chairs. Where else could I possibly have had the opportunity to lead such a group and hone my leadership skills at this point in my career?? Of course, I have many clients and other business opportunities that have come directly from my WBA colleagues. Finally – I have forged lifelong friendships with some of the most amazing women I have ever met.