The Women’s Bar Association of DC is teaming up with the Bar Association of DC to present the 2024 Constance L. Belfiore Quality of Life Award. This award, appreciated tremendously by recipients as well as applicants, has been given by BADC for 22 years and seeks to honor legal employers who are committed to providing a workplace that offers a high quality of life for its employees.

This year, we need your help!

With all the changes in the legal profession over the past few years, we want to make sure we are using the right criteria for the award. Current criteria include:

  • Professional/personal time balance – how encouraged, if at all?
  • Alternative work schedules and remote work – are these benefits available? Used? Intentionally integrated into the work culture?
  • Family leave – is it offered and if so, what is the amount of leave offered, is it paid or unpaid, and who is eligible to take it?
  • Mental health initiatives – how is the wellbeing and mental health of employees supported?
  • Billing – reasonable/excessive hourly requirements, if any? alternate billing procedures?
  • Quality of work – perception? reality?
  • Collegiality – how fostered? staff support?
  • Diversity – initiatives? results?
  • Lawyer development/mentoring/evaluation – how effective? perceived?
  • Pro bono – how encouraged? supported?
  • Community and bar association activities – how encouraged, if at all?
  • Retirement/transition options – meaningful policies/programs?

What’s missing from this list? What other supports offer, or could offer, a high quality of life for the legal profession in 2024?

Email with your ideas and feedback. Please include “Quality of Life Award” in the subject line.

Your input is critical! Thank you very much.