Kevin J. Shehan is the Owner & Founder of Shehan Legal, PLLC, law practice focused on the workplace. In his practice, Kevin works for employers, employees, and federal government employees, providing solutions for his clients’ labor and employment, litigation, and outside general counsel needs.

Before founding Shehan Legal, Kevin practiced labor and employment law at New York law firms. Most recently, Kevin chaired the New York Labor & Employment practice group and the Virginia practice group of an international law firm where he was a partner in the firm’s Manhattan office.

Previously, Kevin served as a law clerk to the Honorable Monique J. Roberts-Draper, Administrative Judge, at the New York District Office of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Kevin began practicing labor and employment law in Washington, DC, where he served in the Office of the General Counsel, U.S. Department of Energy.

Over the past 15 years, Kevin has represented companies and business owners in a range of industries and sectors (such as construction, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, legal, manufacturing, and technology), the federal government, corporate officers and executives, doctors, dentists, psychologists, social workers and other professionals, office workers and managers, federal government workers and supervisors, and independent contractors.

Kevin is a member of the American Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, Virginia Bar Association, and New York Chapter of the National Employment Lawyers Association.

Kevin received his law degree from George Mason University School of Law, where he was an editor of the George Mason Law Review, and later taught legal writing and remedies as an adjunct professor.

When did you join the WBA?
In 2022

What committees/forums have you been involved in?
Membership Committee, Law School Leadership Forum, Government Attorney Forum

Why did you join the Women’s Bar Association?
I joined the WBA of DC to support women in the law, in particular students who might have an interest in representing federal government employees. Protecting our civil servants and developing the next generation of lawyers, in particular women lawyers, is critical to our democracy. Through the WBA, I will have the opportunity to work with like-minded attorneys who support the professional development of women lawyers and law students, as well as our federal civil servants.

What benefits do you get from being a part of the WBA and why do you think others should join?
The network of attorneys who belong to the WBA is an impressive group. Hands down, the greatest benefit to me is becoming part of this amazing network of attorneys.

Do you have a mentor/hero?
I am lucky to have multiple mentors who, collectively, are my heroes, because they together represent the kind of person and attorney I aspire to be.

What words of advice do you have for women new to the profession?
You are on the right path, continue to forge ahead, we all need you.

What is the best advice you have received?
Since one of my weaknesses is analysis paralysis, some of the best advice I received about the practice of law, especially going to court, is: “Stay cool and loose.”