Cathy Pagano is a Senior Government Relations Representative at the U.S. Postal Service. As a government attorney, her career has focused on congressional liaison and legislative and policy analysis. Cathy notes that, “the WBA is very active in this practice area. The Women in Public Service/Politics Committee strongly supports women striving for opportunities in the public arena, and has hosted programs on the presidential appointment process, running for political office, how to get federal jobs and detail opportunities, and how to progress in government careers. I’m happy to talk with anyone interested in this practice area to share ideas!”

Cathy has been a co-chair of the Government Attorneys Forum and Energy and Environmental Law Forum, and has served on the Board of Directors since 2016. She currently co-chairs the Board’s Programming and Governance Committee.

As she reflects on the future of the WBA, Cathy said, “We’re so lucky to have all the excellent leadership and service of the WBA and of our members  As we move toward our next WBA strategic plan and further develop our advocacy strategy, the future is bright for the WBA.”

For fun, Cathy enjoys hiking and watching music and ballet performances, live or online. She feels lucky to live in the DC area, where the Smithsonian museums are free and the Kennedy Center is right near the Metro.

When asked to reflect on the WBA, Cathy said, “My dear WBA Friends are a highlight of my life and WBA has always provided invaluable support in my career and my life overall!”

When did you join the WBA?
I joined WBA years ago, but became more active since 2012, when our son graduated from high school!

In what committees/forums have you been involved?
Government Attorneys Forum and Energy and Environmental Law Forum, 20+ Years of Experience, and others too!

What benefits do you get from being a part of the WBA and why do you think others should join?
The networking is outstanding, support in your career is unbeatable, and our programs are so fun and educational! I am so happy to have so many dear friends in the WBA who continue to support me in every way!

How has being a parent enhanced your career?
My WBA family has supported me in being a parent and caregiver, when the balance of work and other obligations is tricky, you always find help and a path forward with your WBA friends!

Do you have a mentor/hero?
I have so many! Our WBA members and leaders each are heroes to me and each provides a unique perspective that helps me in my work and life generally. My earliest mentor was my Mom (Dad too!) in finding a path as a woman and striving to help others as you move forward in life. My political science professor at the University of Georgia has been a guiding light too.

What words of advice do you have for women new to the profession?
Please join the WBA and enjoy the networking and support that will so enhance your life. Don’t take yourself too seriously and remember that service to others makes your life more fun and meaningful!

What is the best advice you have received?
So many options! My Dad told me to find something you really love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life!

In what other organizations are you involved?
I’m co-chair of the Promotions Committee for the International Conference on Legislation and Law Reform (Ilegis). I’m pleased to say that the past several Ilegis conferences have featured WBA members as panelists and moderators!

I’m also a member of the DC Bar’s Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Community, the Environmental Law Institute, Women in Government Relations and the Washington Council of Lawyers (Pro Bono). I’m also starting to get involved with Stanford Alumni in Sustainability. I also was very excited to complete the USPS’s Advanced Leadership Program in October.