The incoming Biden-Harris administration has promised to fill important government positions with diverse professionals. The WBA supports the incoming administration’s commitment, which is consistent with the WBA’s long-standing commitment to support the advancement of women into positions of executive branch leadership, the judiciary and other positions of power. To that end, the WBA will accept requests for endorsements for executive branch and judicial appointments from candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to promoting women’s advancement and opportunities, and to responding to women’s needs and concerns.

Candidates seeking an endorsement for an executive or judicial appointment must complete an application. The WBA Executive and Judicial Endorsements Committee will complete an investigation of each candidate seeking endorsement, which may involve interviews with the candidate and/or their references, a review of information provided by or on behalf of the candidate, and a review of additional information and interviews with additional individuals that the Committee deems appropriate to properly evaluate the candidate. Upon completion of the Committee’s investigation, the Committee will make a recommendation to the WBA Board regarding candidates for endorsement, which will make the determination regarding endorsement. If a candidate for endorsement is not a current WBA member, the WBA encourages the candidate to become a member; however, WBA membership is not a strict requirement to be considered for endorsement.

For questions regarding executive or judicial endorsement, please contact our Executive Director, Carol Montoya, at For information and insight on successfully navigating the political appointment process from those who have done so, please check out the recording of the WBA’s 2020 Presidential Appointment Panel.

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