Why did you join the WBA?
I learned about the WBA through two colleagues who have been involved with and held various leadership positions in the organization over the years.

What benefits has your membership brought you?
Since in-person networking events essentially stopped during the pandemic, the WBADC has been one of the best avenues for meeting new attorneys in the DC area in the past year.

Why do you think others should join?
I have met many intelligent, inspiring woman in the legal industry via the WBADC who I would never have otherwise met.  I have also found members of the WBADC to be quicker to reach out and form connections with other members when compared to other professional organizations I have joined.

What are you doing professionally and/or excited about now?
I started my current in-house role just over a year ago, working in both the legal and government affairs departments of a Fortune 500 company.  While I have years of experience as a litigator and legal advisor, gaining first-hand experience in the dynamic political processes that make up our country’s state and federal legislative systems has been both exciting and very challenging!