Why did you join the WBA?
After many years of in-house practice, I decided to join the WBA because I wanted to become more connected to my female legal peers in DC, for the comradery and community I felt was lacking in my professional life.  The diversity and dynamism of the WBA membership, across practice areas, age, and race, along with its impressive history and robust programing, all drew me to the WBA.

What benefits has membership brought you?
I have found that community and comradery for which I was searching!  I have met, engaged with, and befriended my female legal peers from all walks of life, have joined the mentoring program for law students, and have become a member of the WBA Foundation board, an affiliated grant-making charity that funds legal and social service organizations aiding girls and women in DC.  I also found solace with my trusted WBA friends during the most trying times of the past several years, during periods of political turmoil, searing injustice, and a global pandemic.  I consider myself lucky to have been brought together with the WBA and its amazing members!

Why do you think others should join?
The WBA is a great organization in which to find professional allies, practical resources and tools to improve or expand your practice and professional life, and some new friends.  So whether it is for reasons like mine, or others uniquely their own, I encourage other women lawyers of the DC bar, or practicing in the DC area, to join us in the WBA.