Why did you join the WBA?
I went to a WBA event with a friend at the time and they encouraged me to join. The president was friendly, and I really felt at home with the other women attorneys who had come to the event.

What benefits have you seen?
I have met a number of women attorneys in a variety of fields. It’s so encouraging to converse with women who have similar experiences to me

Why do you think others should join?
I think others should join because there is strength in numbers. Women encouraging women is powerful especially during this season

What are you doing now?
Currently I’m a data privacy consultant. I work for a company whose client is the Department of Veterans Affairs and I assist the agency with their data privacy compliance. I don’t practice as an attorney but my skills as an attorney are very useful as a consultant

What are you excited about?
Currently I serve as a young privacy professional for the DC Chapter at the iapp. This is an exciting role that provides me with networking opportunities and staying current with all things data privacy.