Why did you join the WBA?
I admired the strong bond amongst the WBA members. I was a member of the DC Bar Board of Governors along with Paulette Chapman, Laura Possessky, and Amy Bess, and often saw them leaving DC Bar Board Meetings together to attend WBA events. I wanted to join them in their excitement around the WBA.

What benefits have you seen from your membership?
I have gained friendships and sisters that I never would have obtained without the WBA.

Why do you think others should join?
Lawyers should join the WBA to obtain professional development programming, obtain leadership skills, obtain mentors or serve as a mentor, obtain sisters and friends, have fun, and network.

What are you doing professionally and/or excited about now that I could feature?
Like everyone else, the pandemic forced me to slow down and prioritize. I have explored and enjoyed new recipes. I have appreciated my patio more and often had my morning coffee and joined video calls on my patio.

What does your bar year theme Getting Back to the Basics mean?
The WBA has a rich history of outstanding programming, working on important advocacy, and strong friendships. So, as we pivot from a year of quarantine, we will not reinvent the wheel and we don’t have to spend the year trying to make our mark; we will enhance and expand on our “basics” and continue helpful substantive programming, revitalize our Advocacy Commitment, and continue to have events to keep our members connected.