Why did you join the WBA?
I joined the WBA to meet other young women lawyers outside my firm. I joined the WBADC during the height of the pandemic, when so many of us were struggling to connect with each other and advance in our careers when the divide between work and home life was not only blurred but basically obliterated. I hoped that joining would help me to overcome the inherent social and professional struggles that came along with a year at home, and I was right!

What benefits have you seen as a member?
As a member and co-chair of the Young Lawyers Committee, I’ve had the opportunity to network, make new friends, meet new mentors, and take on a leadership role.

Why do you think others should join?
Others should join the WBADC because our members (apart from being brilliant) are kind, engaged, and encouraging. The WBADC offers relevant programming that inspires professional and personal development, and our committees provide a way for members to meaningfully connect in smaller groups. I would particularly encourage young women lawyers to join the WBADC and its Young Lawyers Committee. My work on the YLC has allowed me to connect with other women attorneys outside my firm “bubble” who are on similar paths of life.

What are you doing professionally and/or excited about now that I could feature?
I’m a white collar defense associate at Wiley.