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Career Toolkit: The Multigenerational Workplace

Type of Resource Resource Description
Article How to Manage Intergenerational Conflict in the Workplace Managing a multigenerational workforce with so many different perspectives, experiences, values and goals poses a unique organizational challenge for company leaders, managers and HR professionals. This article provides three ways to manage conflict.
Article Overcoming the Challenges of a Multigenerational Workforce What types of obstacles does having five generations in today’s workforce present? And how can organizations overcome those challenges? The University of Massachusetts Global aksed business experts.
PDF The Generational Shift in Legal Departments Many external factors – from emerging technologies to the use of legal process outsourcing and alternative providers – are transforming the practice of law. Yet some changes have more to do with lawyers themselves; the face of the profession is changing significantly as baby boomers step down and millennials step in.
Podcast Intergenerational Communication in the Law Firm Intergenerational conflict has been and will always be an issue in the workplace. But as legal careers grow longer (many attorneys are working well into their 60’s and even into their 70’s), these issues become more pronounced. Simply put, law firms are now home to multiple generations of attorneys. Similarly, with the explosion of digital communication in the last 2 decades, there are larger differences in how younger and older lawyers prefer to communicate. In this episode, Kathleen Brady will be talking about how to navigate these differences.
Article How to Help Different Generations Get Along at Work If you detect generational tension at work, here are some approaches to consider.
Tedx Talks The Superpower of Intergenerational Living Derenda Schubert is an advocate for intergenerational living. She shares her story and work in this Tedx Talk.
Article Understanding Generational Diversity: Why It’s Important To The Future Workplace This article describes the importance of generational diversity and includes a chart with each generation’s work ethic, core values, preferred work environment, and more.
Article How To Manage Generational Diversity In The Workplace This article looks at generational diversity in the workplace, reviews some of the benefits and issues associated with it, and shares some of the best practices that will help you approach the growing age gap at work.
Webinar Unlocking the Benefits of the Multigenerational Workplace Harvard Business Publishing-Corporate Learning shares well-known generational stereotypes and explanations of why they are patently false, three steps to maximize the value of a multigenerational workforce, and how to promote multigenerational knowledge sharing across teams and workplaces.
Tedx Talks Navigating the Multigenerational Workplace Leah Georges’ research—the multigenerational workforce—sheds light on a first in America’s history: four generations interacting in a workplace, with the Gen Z group coming soon. Georges presents on generational perspectives, millennial leadership and the power of followership locally and nationally.
Video Unlocking the Power of a Multigenerational Workforce, Part 1: Does Age Matter? From the Greatest Generation to Gen Z, our modern workforce spans decades of time, culture, and experience. This series explores the challenges and potential of this new world of work. This installment looks at why skills matter more than age and how employers are looking beyond birthdates and geography to find talent.
Webinar Ageism & Unlocking the Power of a Multigenerational Workforce In this unplugged panel, leaders across generations share how we can tap into greater innovation by unlocking the power of a multigenerational workforce.

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