Career Toolkit

As the WBA continues to seek new ways to advance and promote the mutual improvement of women in the legal profession, we are pleased to introduce the WBA Career Toolkit to our members.

The Career Toolkit is a collection of approximately 600 resources relating to professional development. Accessible only with your WBA member password, the Toolkit consists of a wide array of materials, including articles, books, websites, videos, podcasts, blogs, magazines, job boards, and opportunities. It offers free tools to assist in evaluating your career needs, developing a career action plan, preparing application materials, enhancing your skills, expanding your practice area knowledge, combating gender bias, improving your work-life balance, increasing your well-being, and more. The Toolkit provides resources for members contemplating a career transition or reentering the workforce, for lawyers considering an alternative career, for law students, and for lawyer moms and working parents.

As an added benefit, the Toolkit features “WBA Career Conversations.” These are video interviews with WBA members and past presidents, industry experts, and leaders in the legal community, who present valuable insight on a range of career topics and practice areas. And in the near future, the Toolkit will also grants you access to the “WBA Connections Catalog,” a list of other WBA members willing to participate in informational interviews and career sharing.

The WBA encourages members to share the Toolkit widely throughout the WBA community. We will regularly update the Toolkit and continue to offer programming related to career development.

The WBA would like to recognize and thank the Career Toolkit Committee for its significant efforts in locating, assessing, and categorizing these resources. The Committee welcomes feedback from the WBA membership about the Toolkit at If you have suggestions for resources to include, please use “TOOLKIT RESOURCES” in your email subject line.


Career Search

General, Cover Letter, Interview & Interview Follow-Up, Job Boards, Resume, Writing Sample, Negotiating Offers

Skills Development

General, Negotiation, Public Speaking, Research, Soft Skills, Technological, Writing

Employment Sectors

Academia, Federal Government, In-House & Corporate Counsel, Judiciary, Lobbying & Politics, Nonprofit & Legal Aid, Private Practice, State & Local Government, Think Tanks & Policy

Practice Areas

Administrative, Air & Space, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Banking & Finance, Business & Corporate, Civil Rights, Communications, Construction, Criminal, Environment & Energy, Family & Children, Government Contracts, Health, Immigration, Intellectual Property, International, Labor & Employment, Litigation, Privacy & Cybersecurity, Real Estate & Property, Securities, Sports, Entertainment, & Art, Tax, Tort & Insurance, Trusts & Estates, White Collar & Antitrust

WBA Career Conversations

Career Transitions

Alternative Careers for Lawyers

Reentering the Workforce

Combating Gender Bias

Networking & Mentoring

Leadership & Volunteering

Lawyer Moms & Working Parents

Career Coaches

Mental Health & Work-Life Balance

Archived WBA Career Programs